ST. LOUIS 1180:

St. Louis 1180 on the St. Claude trolley coach line at N. Rampart and Canal Sts. "The Errand Boy" is playing at the Saenger, so the date is between November 28, 1961 (its premiere) and the replacement with buses on July 22, 1962. The boarding passengers in coats give this a wintertime setting of December '61 to February '62. The number you see in the headsign is not a route number but a run number. NOPSI did this on all buses up to the early GMC TDH-5105s. Scan of a slide in my collection added 09/08/12.

ST. LOUIS 1182:

St. Louis 1182 at Canal Station in a slide from my collection dated January 1963. GM 5105s seem to dominate the type of diesel bus found in the yard, although NOPSI had already received 153 New Looks in three years. It looks like three lanes have been wired for trackless trolleys; St. Claude and City Park were once garaged here. However, St. Claude was replaced with diesels on July 22, 1962. The City Park trolley coach line continued to operate until December 13, 1964. One photo added 03/22/14.

ST. LOUIS 1183:

St. Louis 1183 on the City Park line at Dauphine and Canal Sts. The K&B Drug Stores clock can be seen on the right. Date is unknown, but definitely before the replacement of trolley coaches on December 13, 1964. In the Maison Blanche window can be seen a mannequin dressed in the manner of Jackie Kennedy, which may further date the slide between November 1960-November 1963. Scan of a duplicate slide in my collection added 05/14/13, information updated 06/26/13.

ST. LOUIS 1187:

St. Louis 1187 on the Tulane line at Canal and S. Rampart Sts. Date not mentioned on the slide in my collection, but the Saenger marquee of Gary Cooper in Friendly Persuasion dates the picture to after November 25, 1956. Heavy coats on the pedestrians in the neutral ground suggest a winter scene. Related to the discussion of separate trolley coach networks discussed in the picture of no. 1200, we can see there are no wires strung across the right lane of Canal that might connect Tulane and Jackson, which came down S. Rampart and turned right on Canal to Baronne. One photo added 03/22/14.

ST. LOUIS 1190:

St. Louis 1190 on the Tulane line at Canal and S. Saratoga Sts. on an unknown date. I presume it's after 1957, when the Canal neutral ground was rebuilt to eliminate the unused outer streetcar tracks. Hotels and bars dominate this section of Canal just out from the Joy Theatre (out of picture to the left). Photo comes from the collection of Gerald Squier courtesy of Scott Richards and was added 03/22/14.

St. Louis 1190 became Mexico City 3813 and is seen here at the Tetepilco Shops on July 15, 1968. Scan of a duplicate slide in my collection added 03/14/13.

ST. LOUIS 1193:

St. Louis 1193 on the Tulane line at Tulane and S. Claiborne Aves. at an unspecified time. In the background is Charity Hospital and behind the coach is a Greyhound dog logo (indicating a station there). Typical of NOPSI trolley coaches and early buses, the two digits in the headsign are the run number. Photo by H.J. Leinbach from the collection of H. George Friedman added 07/25/12.

ST. LOUIS 1194:

St. Louis 1194 at Jackson Ave. and Rousseau St. is finishing its turnback loop to head for the Central Business District. No date on the slide mount, but the car parked at the left suggests the 1960s. Two photos from a slide in my collection added 03/22/14.

ST. LOUIS 1196:

St. Louis 1196 approaching S. Carrollton and Tulane Aves. in an undated slide. In the background is the completed Pontchartrain Expressway (later Interstate 10) interchange. The project to replace New Basin Canal with railroad right-of-way and freeway involved discontinuing the St. Charles and Tulane Belts; the trolley coach is a result. A Winn Dixie supermarket sign is just barely visible through the overpasses above the coach's pole hooks. The Carrollton Shopping Center, which included F.W. Woolworth and J.C. Penney, was damaged in Hurricane Katrina and replaced with Louisiana's first Costco Wholesale store in 2013. Unseen on the left was the Fontainebleau Motor Hotel. A storage center now occupies the site. One photo added 03/22/14.

ST. LOUIS 1200:

St. Louis 1200 on the Tulane trolley coach route at Canal St. and Elk Place. The marquees of the Saenger with "Eighteen and Anxious" and Loew's with "Jailhouse Rock" probably place the slide in November or December '57. Ahead of the 1200 is GMC bus 1790 turning onto Canal. In the background are two St. Claude trolley coaches turning from North Rampart St. onto Canal. There were three disconnected trolley coach systems at Canal and Rampart; NOPSI never installed connecting wires among the coaches based at Canal, Arabella, and Carrollton Stations. Scan of a slide in my collection added 04/10/12.

ST. LOUIS 1204:

St. Louis 1204 and car 937 at Canal and S. Liberty/Marais Sts. in an unknown year, likely before June 1964. Photographer unknown. Scan of a slide in my collection added 10/05/15.

ST. LOUIS 1206:

St. Louis 1206 on the Tulane trolley coach line (run no. 10) at S. Carrollton and S. Claiborne Aves. in September 1962. The yellow bus stop sign was a familiar sight throughout the NOPSI service area in the 1960s to 1980s. Scan of a duplicate slide in my collection added 10/25/12.

ST. LOUIS 1207:

St. Louis 1207 on the Tulane trolley coach line inbound at South Carrollton and Tulane Aves. on May 31, 1961. A Chevrolet dealer, whose OK used cars sign is visible, used to occupy the corner. Scan of a slide in my collection added 12/23/13.

ST. LOUIS 1262:

St. Louis 1262 on the Jackson trolley coach route at Canal and South Rampart Sts. in late 1956. Under the photographer's view, the trolley coach wires of Tulane turn right but are not connected to those of the Jackson. At right is Athmann's Pharmacy, and the Maison Blanche building is prominent in the background. Scan of a slide in my collection added 04/21/12.

ST. LOUIS 1320:

St. Louis 1320 on the Freret trolley coach line at St. Charles Ave. and Lafayette St. heading uptown. Gallier Hall, the former New Orleans city hall, is behind the coach. The space at the rear was once the location of the Sewerage & Water Board; that property was acquired by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in 1958 and the building torn down in 1960. It appears a parking lot has taken its place temporarily. The next structure appears to be the Ciolino Building, famously known for Curley's Neutral Corner and gym, which building was purchased by the bank in 1964 and demolished the following year. The new New Orleans branch of the bank opened in 1966. At left is the former Soule Business College, which had moved uptown to Jackson Avenue. A for sale sign can be seen on the college building. Outside the college is a newer NOPSI yellow and blue metal bus stop sign, which had begun replacing the older concrete bus stop signs. From the information I describe above, the picture appears to be dated between 1960 and the demise of the Freret trolley coach line June 10, 1963. Scan from a duplicate slide in my collection added 08/28/12.