Monorail train no. 2 on July 1, 1984. One photo added 03/22/11.

Monorail train 2 with the space shuttle Enterprise and one end of the Sky Transpo aerial line in a slide dated August 1984. One photo added 09/13/12.

Monorail train no. 3 with the Greater New Orleans bridge in the background. Earl W. Hampton, Jr. photo added 05/05/11.

Monorail train no. 4 in front of the MART terminal. At right is The Great Hall. Earl W. Hampton, Jr. photo added 05/05/11.

Monorail train no. 5 passes over Southern Pacific 4449 in Daylight livery on the New Orleans Public Belt railroad tracks. The locomotive was part of a special excursion train from Portland for the World's Fair. In the background is the cross-river portion of the Greater New Orleans Bridge second span. This photo comes from a slide in my collection and was added 02/06/12.


Cars 17 and 31 at the East Bank station of MART on July 1, 1984. The gondola used left-hand operation, so these two cars are heading across the river to Algiers. Two photos added 03/22/11.

The East Bank station (with monorail track in front) and the river span of the gondola on July 1, 1984. The signage indicates the Louisiana Journey is located in nearby The Great Hall. Two photos added 03/22/11.