Bay Quackers was a local San Francisco tour company that operated vintage DUKW amphibious vehicles on land and bay. The company apparently went out of business in 2011.


El Pato at the ticket office at Leavenworth and Beach Sts. (The Anchorage Shopping Center) on June 26, 2006. Thirteen photos added 03/14/12.

El Pato on The Embarcadero on June 8, 2007. Three photos added 07/31/12.

El Pato on The Embarcadero near North Point St. on March 21, 2008. Four photos added 08/01/12.


The "Peking Duck" motoring along The Embarcadero northbound at Kearny St. (first three pictures) and southbound at Don Chee Way (second three pictures) on April 17, 2007. Six photos added 03/14/12.

Peking Duck at Fourth and King Sts. (Caltrain) on September 23, 2007. Six photos added 05/16/12.

Peking Duck at Columbus Ave. and Taylor St. on March 21, 2008. Two photos added 08/01/12.


Psychadela-Duck southbound on The Embarcadero near the Ferry Building on September 17, 2010. One photo added 03/14/12.