This website was created in the spirit of sharing knowledge with the world. However, there are rules on the use of its content. You agree to all rules, whether you read them or not, by loading or accessing any page or image. They are not intended to convey negativity. I only want you to play fair concerning the content of my website just as I would if I visited your website.


  1. You may archive or save any image to a hard drive, memory card, CD, or DVD.

  2. You may use a home printer to make a hard copy of any image, but you may not sell such a hard copy.

  3. You may modify an image, if necessary, and display it on a personal electronics device (digital picture frame, multimedia player, smartphone, or tablet).


  1. An original image photographed or created by myself is copyrighted. The copyright exists whether the image shows the copyright statement or not (watermark or annotation). This includes any image which says, "Photo by Michael Strauch." A copyright does not have to be registered with government to legally exist.

  2. If you would like to use one of these original images on another website (blog, online album, photo storage site, forum, guestbook, social site, etc.) you must first ask for permission to use it. Tell me the URL or address of the website where you wish to display it.

  3. If it is brought to my attention that a person has used one or more of my images without first asking me, I will attempt to contact that person to request removal of said images. If this fails, I will contact the copyright or legal department of the website/host with all pertinent information establishing myself as the copyright holder and that the images in question were not authorized for use.

  4. Images are not allowed to be hotlinked from this domain. If I find such an image has been hotlinked, I will immediately change the file name and/or directory location of the image without notice.

  5. Please ask for permission first. I need the URL where you intend to display the image, and it must be in keeping with a positive spirit (e.g., do not use one of my images in an article criticizing a transportation provider, manufacturer, driver, etc.).

  6. Permission is subject to revocation at any time, and you agree to remove said images upon my request.

  7. The administrators (owner, moderators) of NorCal Bus Fans, Southern Cal Transit Fans, and The Bus Lounge have my permission to archive anything I post into the groups. If you belong to another group or are not an admin, please ask me for permission to post my photos.

  8. I am a Facebook member, and I may distribute some of my images within groups to which I belong. These images may not be distributed to other Facebook groups without my permission. You may tag a photo if you appear therein.

  9. You may email a link or a picture to someone else.

  10. If permission is granted, you agree to leave all copyrights, credits, and watermarks intact to show that I am the photographer and copyright holder. You also agree to put a text notice with one or more of the following: my copyright, my name, and/or my website address.


  1. Commercial use means you intend to profit (make money) by selling a work containing one or more of my images.

  2. The use of my images on a commercial website requires a licensing fee of US $1000.00 per image. This includes news websites.

  3. The publication of my images in a book, magazine, or newspaper (and their electronic equivalents) requires a licensing fee of US $1000.00 per image.

  4. The publication of my images in media such as television, video, or film (and their electronic equivalents) requires a licensing fee of US $1000.00 per image.

  5. I retain my rights to sell such images to others.

  6. The licensing fee can be waived for transportation uses (e.g., fan publications, museum literature, books on transit), in which case I would appreciate a copy of the work as a compensation. The credit for picture use can be my name and/or website. My copyright annotation does not have to appear on the picture. You may request a full-size image in JPEG or TIFF format (no raw images available); if it's available, I will send it.

  7. Generally, public transit agencies will have their own photographers to record their fleets. If yours does not, and you wish to secure the rights to use any of my images for publicity, graphics, etc., we can negotiate a fee provided it is a non-profit agency. If it is a commercial for-profit company, the standard $1000.00 fee applies.


  1. You may not print any of my photos at a photofinisher.


  1. There are images on this website that are not my photography.

  2. Some images bear a copyright by the originator of the image. I have included such copyright notice and provided a link back to that person's website per their rules of use. You must contact that person for permission to use such images, because I am not the owner.

  3. Clipart images are licensed to me by the software provider or website of origin. You must ask such entities for permission to use a clipart image elsewhere.

  4. I ask for permission, if required, when I want to use another person's photograph on my website. Some images are governed under the Creative Commons licensing program, and I follow the rules of use provided by the photographer if I want to include their image on my website. If you want to use such an image, I cannot give you permission. You must contact that person.

  5. In the case of 35mm slides, I may claim ownership of any slide (original or duplicate) that does not bear a copyright on the slide mount. A photographer's credit will be given if the name is on the mount or is otherwise known.


  1. The subdomain "dannygatton.streetcarmike.com" is a personal site written by Miles Lang.

  2. The subdomains "jojo.streetcarmike.com" and "michauxautomotive.streetcarmike.com" are business pages written by me using input from the people they advertise.

  3. The pages on domain "www.streetcarmike.com" are personal with commission links to support the costs of website maintenance.

  4. I am not responsible for the consequences of any past or present content, including errors, omissions, opinions, pictures, and graphics.

  5. Any page or image may be changed or removed at any time without notice, including file name.

  6. Please contact advertisers for their customer service policies.

  7. All content portrays positive concepts in keeping with the spirit of sharing knowledge.

  8. The images in this website may contain trademarks. I do not provide compensation for the use of these trademarks because: (1) you are getting free advertising, and (2) I am not using those trademarks in a defamatory manner.


  1. Ideal viewing of this website is with a 720p or higher LCD/LED television whose VGA display properties are set to 1280 x 768 minimum resolution. The computer should have Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista, contain at least one GB of RAM, and be connected to broadband (either cable or DSL) internet. Enable popups and scripts.

  2. Styling for this website includes rounded corners viewable in many of the latest web browsers. Maxthon is the current preferred browser.

  3. Stylesheets may change without notice, so I recommend refreshing the page with CTRL F5, clearing the cache, or restarting the browser to see the latest styling.

  4. This website is compatible with many smartphones and tablets. It has been tested on Android and Windows operating systems.

  5. This website is graphics intensive (banners, buttons, and pictures). No responsibility is assumed for bandwidth consumption on the user's device.


  1. Contact me at streetcarmike at gmail dot com. Replace the at with @ and the dot with a period. Please tell me the page you visited or the subject of your inquiry. Reply is at my convenience. Email is the only acceptable method of communication concerning this website; telephone calls and USPS mail are not accepted unless agreed upon in advance by email.

  2. I will not accept invitations to join email, friend, or social/business services, including media sharing services, Google Plus, Twitter, and Myspace. Please request to be a friend on Facebook if you desire. I need enough information about you to accept the request. If I don't know you, the request may be ignored. I reserve the right to discontinue a friendship at any time without notice.


  1. Accounting, 22nd Edition (and subsequent editions) by Carl S. Warren, James M. Reeve, and Jonathan Duchac.
  2. Accounting Using Excel for Success, First Edition by James Reeve, Carl S. Warren, and Jonathan Duchac.
  3. San Francisco's F-Line by Peter Ehrlich.
  4. Motor Coach Age, April-June 2014 issue.


H. George Friedman, Jr. and Earl Hampton, Jr. have provided a number of images from their collections.

I have purchased 35mm slides, many of which have not been marked with photographer credits. However, I will acknowledge with gratitude the sellers, in particular Thomas Helliwell, for the large number of San Francisco Municipal Railway and New Orleans Public Service images I have received.

If you recognize that an image is your photography, I'm glad to include your credit. Please contact me by email to do so.


Thank you for visiting this website. Your patronage of and interest in the images and subjects included herein are very much appreciated and welcome. It takes a lot of time and money to create the images and pages you see herein, and I do not charge a membership fee. You may show support by using a donation or commission link to contribute money.