Fleet No. Model Number Serial No. Date Built
140-141 TGH3101 0226-0227 08/1950
142-143 TGH3101 0520-0521 07/1951
144 TGH3101 0617 01/1952
145 TGH3102 0221 12/1953
148-149 TGH3102 1365-1366 11/1961
150-151 TDH3501 0831-0832 11/1967

GMC 142:

GMC 142 signed Five Points Park is at Preble and Emma Aves. in an uncredited slide taken September 1, 1971. This neighborhood is in the Five Points area (Main St., Telegraph Rd., Thompson Blvd., and Brent St.). I can't find mention of a Five Points Park, but I assume it may be the current Blanche Reynolds Park on Preble. Note the front advertisements, RC Cola and Charles Carroll Funeral Chapel (now Funeral Home), located at Teloma Dr. and Telegraph Rd. I decided not to retouch the photo near the rear of the bus because of the relative difficulty to provide a smooth gradient. One photo added 11/09/17.

GMC 148:

GMC 148 signed Dayloma at Thompson Blvd. and Arcade Dr. (east of Seaward Ave.) in an uncredited slide taken September 1, 1971. The scene depicted here has changed dramatically in 2017. We can see a Standard gas station, Coast Hardware, and Buena Body Shop. In the background west of Seaward are Royal Liquor and B.F. Goodrich. All these buildings and businesses are gone, with new automotive oriented establishments currently in these two blocks. Dayloma Ave. parallels Day Rd. between Loma Vista Rd. and Foothill Rd. I assume the bus line crosses Five Corners and heads out Telegraph Rd. to Ventura College. One photo added 11/09/17.

GMC 151:

GMC 151 signed Ojai eastbound at Main and Figueroa Sts. in an uncredited slide taken September 1, 1971. The edge of the mission can be seen on the right. Again, dramatic changes exist between this slide (with a laundromat and liquor store among the businesses west of the mission to Ventura Ave.) and present day 2017 (Mission Plaza Townhomes has replaced this block). One photo added 11/09/17.