BREDA 1454:

Breda 1454 forms part of a two-car train passing beneath the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge on The Embarcadero. August 7, 2006.

Breda 1454 at Metro East yard on May 15, 2010. One photo added 01/19/11.

BREDA 1456:

Breda 1456 on the L Taraval streetcar line lays over at 46th Ave. and Wawona St. about eleven p.m. on November 16, 2008. Ten photos added 11/23/08.

BREDA 1465:

Breda 1465 (in Discover Card ad wrap) on L Taraval outbound at West Portal Station on April 8, 2013. Two photos added 05/02/13.

BREDA 1467:

Breda 1467 on San Jose at Ocean, December 19, 2005.

BREDA 1469:

Breda 1469 on West Portal at Vicente, January 31, 2006. It is signed for a route M turnback at Castro Station.

BREDA 1472:

Breda 1472 on T Third Street at Castro Street Station and at Fourth and King Station on the night of April 17, 2007. T streetcars arrive wrong way on the "inbound" platform at Castro so they are ready for their "outbound" trip to Sunnydale Station.

BREDA 1473:

Breda 1473 on San Jose at Ocean, December 19, 2005.

BREDA 1477:

Breda 1477 on West Portal at Ulloa, January 31, 2006.

BREDA 1479:

Bredas 1479 and 1523 (the latter in an Incredible India ad wrap) on M Ocean View outbound at West Portal Station on April 8, 2013. Seven photos added 05/02/13.

BREDA 1480:

Breda 1480 on J Church inbound in the Mission Park right-of-way on November 4, 2012. The car is wearing an advertising wrap. Fifteen photos added 11/19/12.

Breda 1480 ( ad wrap) on J Church outbound at Church and 20th Sts. on November 4, 2012. Nineteen photos added 11/19/12.

BREDA 1490:

Breda 1490 on the T Third Street line at Van Ness Station and at the Fourth and King Sts. Station on the first day of regular service, April 7, 2007.

BREDA 1494:

Breda 1494 passes my then 300ZX on San Jose at Ocean, December 19, 2005.

Some interior and exterior shots of Breda 1494 on M Ocean View. August 22, 2006. Includes a view of a TransLink (later Clipper) card reader.

BREDA 1495:

Breda 1495 on the inbound track at Powell Station on the evening of January 2, 2011. One photo added 01/19/11.