M-A-N 6014:

M-A-N 6014 on 9 San Bruno at Mission and Fremont in a black-and-white photo from May 2000.

M-A-N 6015:

M-A-N 6015 on 42 Downtown Loop clockwise (gold loop) at King and Third Sts. on April 14, 1987. The RV park that used to exist on the former Southern Pacific station at Third and Townsend Sts. can be seen to the left. This area was later converted into a shopping center which includes a Safeway store. Scan of a slide by Jack Garcia from my collection added 09/09/12.

M-A-N 6015, Flyer 5050, and PCC 1063 at Transbay Terminal on December 21, 1996. One photo added 06/06/09.

M-A-N 6017:

M-A-N 6017 on 38 Geary outbound at Geary and Jones Sts. on March 27, 1986. Photo comes from a slide in my collection and was added 04/11/12.

M-A-N 6023:

M-A-N 6023 on 15-Third in September 1991. One new photo added 06/06/09.

M-A-N 6042:

M-A-N 6042 on 38 Geary leaves Transbay Terminal in 2000.

M-A-N 6059:

M-A-N 6059 on 15 Third at Third and Market Sts. in the early 1990s.

M-A-N 6064:

M-A-N 6059 on 9 San Bruno on Potrero Ave. in September 1991. One photo added 06/06/09.

M-A-N 6072:

M-A-N 6072 on 38 Geary departs Transbay Terminal in May 2001.

M-A-N 6099:

M-A-N 6099 stored at the Marin Division yard on May 11, 2008. Assorted PCC streetcars are also in storage. The bus has since been moved to Muni Metro East Division.

And here is M-A-N 6099 under a tarp at MME on January 22, 2011. One photo added 04/11/12.

M-A-N 6099 was moved to Islais Creek Division not long after it opened. Here's the bus sitting in a corner of the yard on December 4, 2016. Ten photos added 07/24/17.