Model 40102-6C, delivered fall 1993, all out of service by the end of 2010.


If you can ignore the woman on the bicycle in the foreground (LOL), you can see Flxible 9305 on route 300 at Santa Clara and South First Sts. in downtown San Jose in June 1997. A couple of San Jose Police Department vehicles are sitting in the median. One photo added 08/03/11.

Flxible 9305, wrapped for IBM Developer Works, on route 23 at the San Antonio Transit Center (Showers Dr.) in Mountain View on November 21, 1999.


Flxible 9308 on route 35 at the Palo Alto Transit Center in June 1994. One photo added 08/03/11.

Flxible 9308 at A St. and Fremont Ave. in Los Altos in October 2004.


Flxible 9312 on route 20 in the late 1990s is wrapped to advertise the Apple iMac computer. Location is Tasman and Old Ironsides Drs. in Santa Clara. Construction on the light rail line to create the Tasman West extension on what is now the Mountain View to Winchester line is visible.

Flxible 9312 in iMac ad wrap on route 40 on La Avenida Dr. near VTA's North Base in the late 1990s. Four photos added 07/31/12.

Another ad wrap for Flxible 9312 is Southwest Airlines. Route 35, University Ave. approaching the Palo Alto Transit Center, April 1997.

Flxible 9312 wrapped for Southwest Airlines on route 23 at Stevens Creek and DeAnza Blvds. in Cupertino in June 1997. Another Flxible is visible in the background. One photo added 08/03/11.

Remember the days before DVD, external hard drive, and USB flash memory storage? Here's one more ad wrap of Flxible 9312 for Iomega Zip Drive. The bus is on route 22 westbound on El Camino Real at Sunnyvale Ave. (rear shot) and at Grant Rd. in Mountain View (front view) on April 24, 1998.


Flxible 9314 in IBM DeveloperWorks ad wrap on route 22 at the former Menlo Park terminal on December 31, 1999. Three photos added 08/03/11.


His foot is as long as this bus! Flxible 9322 on route 22 at the Eastridge Transit Center in May 1998 is wrapped for the Godzilla movie.


Flxible 9330 on route 23 at Fremont Ave. and Springer Rd. in Los Altos in September 1999. Two photos added 08/03/11.


Flxible 9350 on route 22 at El Camino Real and Portage Ave. in Mountain View in October 1994.


Flxible 9352 on route 22 at El Camino Real and Portage Ave. in Mountain View in October 1994.